January 6. 2019

I am always looking at special ways to spend time with our son, and I thought, what a better way to do that than include him in something that I love to do. So we both strapped cameras around our necks and headed out to our yard. (I gave him basic instruction on how the camera works, but with the first excursion, I just wanted to have fun and follow his lead.) We were outside for about an hour and he snapped over 100 photos. We looked for colors and shapes, interesting patterns and textures, and pretty much whatever else caught our eyes. But the best part is we talked and explored and mostly laughed together. It was fun. After coming in, we sat at my computer and he chose the photos he wanted to keep. Out of the (over) 100 photos, we still had 93. He had convincing reasons for loving them all.

But, after going through and picking our Top 10…which turned out to be Top 23, then whittled down to Top 14, here they are, in no particular order…

Dalton, Kid Photographer’s Top 10 for the day.