The simple reason I do this





I am a photography enthusiast who wants to share my passion for capturing life's sweet moments, with you. 


My photography started as a hobby. I picked up a camera a few years ago to snap a photo of our son, then three years old, and it came out "pretty good."  As I was looking at that picture, I couldn't put my finger on why I liked it so much, but I just knew I really liked it. So, I started doing some research as to what makes a photo, "good." And during that time decided to try and make all my photos, "good."  I enrolled in a local Adult Education Photography class, and continued to snap pictures along the way. I have joined online education courses to develop my "eye" and have even been a featured photographer on an international photography site. I feel compelled to capture the connections we all have with one another and the feeling of the moment. Smiles are beautiful, but glances tell stories. 

I am proud to say, my photos of my son have become "great" and very personal and I want to bring my passion and photography skills to you and your loved ones. 

Jodie Burckhard